Griekenland Kavála Residences Duplex

Touristic City Culture
Beach parks, taverns, high-quality cafes, and nightclubs give live colors to Kavala.
Kavala Feels Like Home
Tolerance and sincerity, the foundation of Aegian Culture,
make Kavala feel like home the moment you arrive. Kavala is a heaven for those who seek a home in a place full of smiling faces and friendly social life.
Endless Sand Beaches & Clear Sea
Unique geography created by Aegean sea bays and environmental friendless, primary for Greek culture, enable crystal clear sea delight as inside as outside the city.
Reasonable investment
Since Greece joined the European Union, its significance as an important tourist center has been growing continually. Northern countries’ and Russia’s demand stipulate fast increase of investment value of the country.
A 5-minute walk from Marina to Residence.
Vacation Inside the City
It will take 1 minute by walking to get to the city center. There is a beach right in front of the house.

Key features

Country Greece
Number Of Bedrooms 4
Price € 275000.00

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