How is health care in Thailand?

Thailand has a good quality of healthcare, especially in Bangkok. There are around 1,000 hospitals in the public sector of Thailand.

Public hospitals have a relatively good standard of care and most Thai nationals use these facilities. However, lines can be long and the equipment is sometimes old and outdated. For this reason, private health care is generally recommended for expats.

Private hospitals in Thailand are first class and often employ staff trained at Western universities.

Expats must always ensure that they have health insurance in the event of an emergency or when major procedures are required. The best private hospitals are in Bangkok and, in the event of a serious injury or medical condition, traveling to one of these world-class medical institutions is the safest option.

The reason many expats prefer private health care is because the quality of care is generally better, expats have more choice to decide where they will be treated, there are shorter waiting times to be treated and because private facilities are staffed with a higher proportion of English speakers.

written by ILBE staff

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