What language is spoken in Portugal?

The official language in Portugal is Portuguese.

Portuguese is spoken by around 230 million people worldwide and has the status of official colloquial language in 10 countries. It has a very unique sound and is easily recognizable.

Portuguese is part of the Romance language family. Romance languages ​​are languages ​​that originated from Latin, the ancient language of the Romans. It is very similar to Spanish but the pronunciation is very different. It is also spoken in countries like Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, East Timor, Mozambique, Goa and Malacca.

English is often spoken in major cities and tourist areas, but outside of these places, English is not spoken as often in Portugal as in many other countries. About 20% of Portuguese speak English and most Portuguese speak French as their second language.

It would be helpful to learn at least the basics of Portuguese so that you can read your bills, use the phone, deal with handymen, and talk to your local town hall.

Without knowledge of the language, you will be constantly frustrated by your communication and you will always have to ask friends and acquaintances to help you or even pay people to do tasks for you that you could easily do yourself.

written by ILBE staff

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