What is the role of a lawyer in Portugal?


If you are planning to buy a property in Portugal, it is important to have right legal guidance.

What will ILBE do for you?

• Lawyer gives you advice on how you can officially register the property in your name.

• Advising on how you can finance your home

• Checking if there are no pending cases with regard to a building permit that has not been granted

• Making the provisional purchase contract

• Making or adjusting the contract between builder, architect and customer (in case you have a new house built)

• Check whether the seller is actually the owner of the property

• Check whether the property has the correct certificates

• Check whether the seller has met all his payment obligations.

• Communication with the notary, (appointment and correct data).

• Ensure that the transfer of ownership proceeds correctly

• ...

Even after the purchase, the ILBE can arrange matters for you, such as your connections for gas, water and electricity. He can transfer the seller's contracts to your name. It is also possible that the attorney signs the title deed at the notary through this power of attorney, if it is not possible to be present at the transfer.

For more questions, contact ILBE.BE Via Info@ilbe.be or by telephone: 0032478934121

written by ILBE staff

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