I am moving abroad: what relocation costs can I have?

If you want to get a good idea of ​​the relocation costs, you should consider the following:

- Volume of the goods

- Are the goods easy or difficult to relocate?

- The distance between the new and old place of residence

- The relocation period

- Is a temporary storage required?

- Do I have to apply for a permit to park a removal van?

-Is a moving lift needed?

- What do you want to dismantle / assemble yourself and what do you leave to the removal company?

- Do you have certain goods that need to be packed in a special way?

I am moving abroad: do I have to bring my own goods or buy new ones abroad?

Few people make the decision to take their own furniture abroad. But if you are planning to move abroad permanently, it might be better to bring your own goods for a more homely feeling, which will be useful in the process of adapting to the new place. Keep in mind that in certain countries (eg Spain) when reselling real estate the furniture is very often included.

Some more tips and comments:

• Make the list of boxes and give each box its number.

• Ask in advance whether you can use Belgian faxes, TVs, videos, telephones, etc. in your new country of residence.

• Goods made from wood should be left behind better if you are planning to move to a tropical country.

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written by ILBE staff

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