What should I know before I rent a property in Portugal?

The lease agreement (contracto de arrendamento)

Portuguese law applies to leases relating to Portuguese property. If two Belgians under Belgian law entered into a lease agreement with regard to Portuguese property, then in a dispute it is not Belgian law, but Portuguese law that applies.

In addition to written, oral leases are also valid in Portugal. You must then provide a bank statement or receipt as proof of the rental payment.

The general Portuguese rental law applies to long-term rental of real estate, which is used as a permanent place of residence by the tenant.

It must be stated in the lease that the municipality has issued a certificate of habitability for the property to be let.

Do not sign unseen and untranslated leases. Have ILBE.BE draw up a good rental contract for you, because some foreigners who wanted to rent out their house and were not fully aware of the Portuguese rental law have fallen victim to the people who wanted to rent 'temporarily', but did not afterwards more out of the house.

Also keep in mind that many houses are rented unfurnished. In Portugal, unfurnished rental usually means not only without furniture, but also often without a kitchen unit, without a TV connection or antenna, .. Therefore, never sign a lease without having seen the rental house.


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written by ILBE staff

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