Which language is spoken in Spain?

The official language in Spain is Spanish.

Spanish has Latin origins, after Mandarin, Spanish is the most spoken language in the world. Spanish is generally considered an easy language to learn. You pronounce the words exactly as you write them. It is therefore one of the most phonetic languages ​​in the world. Portuguese and Spanish are very similar in terms of grammar and vocabulary. It is estimated that 89% of these two languages ​​have the same vocabulary.

The Spanish language is also called 'Castilian'. This is because the language originally came from the Castile regions. Catalan did not develop from Spanish, but originated separately from vulgar Latin. The first texts in Spanish date from the 9th century.

Spain was one of the most powerful nations during the colonization period, with a huge fleet and a large network of commercial routes to reduce profits. This helped with the spread of the Spanish language, as settlers, prospectors and researchers in the newly found countries. The result of this is still visible today, most countries in South and Central America have Spanish as the official language.

The language later spread to the United States through the massive migration of Hispanic residents. In Africa, Spanish is spoken in Equatorial Guinea and Western Sahara (southwest of Morocco). In Asia, Spanish is still spoken by a small elite group in the Philippines. 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish.

written by ILBE staff

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