How do I open a bank account in Spain?

If you are planning to move to Spain in the long term, you probably want to open a Spanish bank account.

ILBE.BE helps you guide what is needed to open a bank account in Spain.

You need the following documents:

• Proof of identity (eg Passport);

• Identification number and certificate of foreign national (número de identificación de extranjeros);

• Proof of address

• Proof of employment status

Banks in Spain offer a similar range of services to banks in many other European countries:

o Loan options such as loans and overdraft

o mortgages

o Insurance

o Credit and debit cards

o International transfers

The cost of banking in Spain is relatively high compared to other EU countries, the banking market is very competitive. The rates can also vary considerably from bank to bank, so you have to look around for the best deal.

Current accounts in Spain are cheaper to open than other types of accounts. However, you must deposit your salary into the account to take advantage of the more advantageous rates. Some banks have special offers from time to time, so you may get a better deal.

In Spain you usually have to pay a monthly fee for keeping a bank account, also called maintenance costs. Depending on the bank, these costs can be higher than € 8 per month.

In some cases you have to pay an opening fee and make an initial minimum deposit to activate your account.


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written by ILBE staff

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